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Handbook and guidelines will provide information on the whole concept of the project, its functionalities regarding piloting, aimed for teachers and others involved in piloting. 

The handbook is technical, it will contain information on how to implement the project concept in a school environment and an explanation how Science4Fun LMS is working. The first version will compile all the info required for the first pilot with all the tools, platforms and functionalities available. The second version will be the update with all the technical implementation after the pilots, and therefore will include all the required changes done to the environment during the pilots.




In guidelines will be compiled the description, objectives and all project functionalities, relevant for teachers. The first version of the guidelines will be the an introduction and guidance on implementation of the project concept in the pilot testing in a classroom. The second version will include the updated information and the "user experience" of teachers, including all the changes done during the pilots in the online environment, and how will this affect the teacher's follow-up use.

Here you can find:


Here you can find:

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